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Frock Swap – 5th November

A Frock Swap will be taking place on the 5th of November from 2 till 5 at the Mount Florida Bowling Club. This will be raising money for the building of a school in Ghana. All ladies are invited, please see the leaflet below.

Frock swap Oct 2016

Letter from our Session Clerk – Oct 2016

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

The month of October is a busy and exciting month for us here in Clincarthill. This will be the last time I write this ‘Letter from the Session Clerk’ to the congregation during our  vacancy.

Harvest Thanksgiving is on Sunday, October 2nd  with our gifts going to the Lodging House Mission and the Govanhill Food Bank.

We have two weddings to look forward to this month .  Linda our musical director, is marrying Dougal on Friday, October 7th at 4pm  here in Clincarthill.  After the ceremony, the new Mr and Mrs Fraser invite you to come and meet with them over a cup of tea/coffee and home baking in the Large Hall before they set off for their wedding reception.

The following week, on Saturday, October 15th  at 1pm, two of our young members, Ruth  McColl and Iain Young come here to celebrate their wedding.  An exciting time and we wish God’s blessing on both couples as they begin married life and wish them many happy years together.

The life of the congregation continues with the Guild beginning it’s new session on Monday, October 10th at 7.30pm. The first evening is one of Welcome and Chat, and indeed a warm welcome awaits everyone who comes along to join us both men and women. The Guild dedication service is on Sunday October 16th followed on the Monday evening by the Rev. Iain MacLeod speaking on the theme this year – ‘ Go in Joy’.

Thursday, October 27 at 7pm is the day we have all been waiting and praying for with the Ordination and Induction of our new minister, Stuart Love. This should be a wonderful evening and we pray for Stuart and Ruth at this time as they leave Motherwell and move to Clincarthill and the start of a new ministry.

Thank you all for your continued support to me during this time of vacancy I would not have managed without it. As a congregation we have all worked hard in the service of the Lord and His church and I am sure we will offer the same love and support to our new minister and his wife in the time of settling in and in the future

God bless you all,



Letter from our Session Clerk – Sept 2016

When you read this letter we will be in the month of September. I am told it is a sign of getting older when the summers just seem to fly past, and I hope you all had a restful end enjoyable summer. Already the signs of Autumn are with us. The leaves on the trees are turning golden and the nights are drawing in heralding another season of the year.

As a congregation, we too are embarking on a new chapter which will mean change, for on August 28th we chose our new minister, Stuart Love and we welcome him and his wife, Ruth, into our church family. This is an exciting time as we begin to work together on a new and fresh Ministry and  Mission in the parish of Clincarthill. As yet, the date for Stuart’s Ordination and Induction are not yet fixed, but we hope that it will be in October — Glasgow Presbytery fix the date for that.

As I write this and think of the certainty we have in our seasons of the year and the climatic changes  they bring to our countryside and to nature, I am reminded of the words in Eclesiastes ( a book often thought of as one of Doom and Gloom) but in chapter 3 verse 1 there is the unquestionable truth, “ There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.”

All we do as Christians is controlled by the power and love of God  and our saviour Jesus Christ, for us. I feel this power work in our congregation, God has been constant and faithful as He promises, and I thank every one of you for staying true and working together during our two years of vacancy.

So as we move into a ‘New Season’ and a new Beginning, the church organisations are restarting and we have the opportunity to walk out in Faith on our continued journey, giving thanks to God and working in His service.

God Bless you all

Sheila Morrow


Message from our Locum – Iain MacLeod – Sept 2016


In my June message I commented as follows:

It is my privilege to journey with you over the coming months as you continue to await the arrival of a new full-time minister. Waiting is never easy and, if you are anything like me, you will be impatient for your new minister to arrive.

Your vacancy committee were not idle as they waited. In fact, I can’t recall ever having seen a more creative, active and dedicated team as they visited congregations Sunday by Sunday, handed out leaflets at the General Assembly and maintained a positive outlook throughout. They are to be commended and their efforts have borne fruit, which is wonderful.

Well here we are a few months later and your waiting is over! You are getting a new minister, Stuart Love, and he will be in place within a few weeks. He was worth waiting for and all along God had a plan to prosper you and now you have a new minister with youth, energy, great gifting and bags of enthusiasm coming your way, so you have much to thank God for.

Given that you have a new minister coming in a few weeks, I thought it might be helpful to give you some ideas on how you might support Stuart when he arrives.

1. Give him a great welcome
Knowing what I do about you as a congregation you will provide a great welcome for Stuart and Ruth. Let that spirit of hospitality remain with you during his entire ministry, and let it spill out into the local community. Introduce him to people who you know who might make his entry into the wider community easier.

2. Tell him who you are a number of times
You only have one name to remember but Stuart has well over a hundred names he will have to learn. Think about ways to make this easier for him and keep telling him your name, as its easier for you to tell him than for him to have to ask again.

3. Respond positively and publicly to the messages he brings
Stuart’s main role is to point you to Jesus through his preaching and as he seeks to do this give him your full attention and respond to the challenges he brings you. The message will first challenge him before it gets to you!

4. Put your total commitment and enthusiasm behind him
You are very talented and committed people so together you will be able to accomplish great things. Get prayerfully behind the new ministry and a one great way to do this is by attending the prayer meeting on Wednesday. I look forward to hearing about your adventures with God in the coming days.

5. Encourage him in any new initiative and support his ideas
There will inevitably be changes that Stuart will introduce. None of us like change but please be supportive of Stuart as he makes changes in a whole range of areas, in the worship, activities, outreach efforts and many others. All of the changes will be motivated by a desire to see the church grow and the name of Jesus glorified.

6. Give him and his wife Ruth space
Stuart and Ruth will need time to themselves and as Stuart’s week will be different to many of yours, as he is busiest on a Sunday. Give them time to relax, rest and recharge their batteries during the week.

From my point of view, I have greatly enjoyed working with you as a congregation. You made me very welcome and I have appreciated your kindness over the last few months. I am so glad that you have found a great new minister and you will always have a special place in my heart. I will remember you in my prayers and don’t be surprised if you see me in a pew near you some Sunday in the future.

May the Lord richly bless you as you enter this new stage in your congregational life.

Iain MacLeod


New minister announced

We are delighted to announce that the congregation has voted for Stuart Love to become our new minister. We wish God’s blessing upon Stuart and his wife Ruth and look forward to them both joining us this autumn. Arrangements for Stuart’s ordination and induction will be announced in due course.

Yvonne Lyon (and others) in concert 14th September

Autumn Acoustic Tour – Together with Tearfund

Join singer-songwriters Yvonne Lyon, Gareth Davies-Jones and David Lyon as they perform music from their new collaborative album, The Space Between, inspired by Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.

14th September 2016: Clincarthill Parish Church,1220 Cathcart Road, Glasgow, G42 9EU

Tickets £6, doors open 7pm.

For more information see

Yvonne Lyon Sept 2016

‘Splash’ Holiday Club

This year, the Clincarthill Holiday Club team presents “Splash” providing an opportunity to learn about God and his Son, Jesus, though a variety of water based stories from the bible.

“Splash” will run from 10 am -12 noon* on Monday 1st – Friday 5th August 2016, and is open to all children about to enter Primaries 1-7. Please your child bring along any morning to join the fun.
We are looking forward to hosting a fun filled programme of sports, dance, crafts and messy games with Clincarthill Puppets also making an appearance. (Catch them on the ‘Puppets’ page of this website)

On the *Thursday, we are currently planning a day trip to Deep Sea World – details will be confirmed nearer the time.

The family service at 11am on Sunday 7th will round off the week’s events and we would encourage you to come.

Please print a copy of the Registration Form here (Holiday Club 2016 health form) which should be completed and brought along on the first morning.

Yours sincerely
Mary MacCallum
Holiday Club Co-ordinator

Holiday Club Notice 2016


Letter from our Session Clerk – June 2016

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

This is the final edition of the Informer for the summer and many of  you will be setting off on holiday,  I wish you a happy and restful time, that God will continue to Bless you and bring you back refreshed and ready for our witness here in Clincarthill.

There will be activities on Sunday mornings for the children  during July and August.  Please consider giving some time to help with this so that there may be a continuous presence as people come and go over the summer. See Mary MacCallum for information and let her know when you would be available while the Youth leaders have a break. Mary will also be arranging our annual Holiday Club for the first week in August and details will be announced.

I go on holiday much earlier this year, I will be away from the 5th until the 18th of June.  However, the Associate clerk Doreen Walker,  will be around to deal with any matters arising.

Our new locum, Rev. Iain MacLeod, is continuing to settle in with us and I am sure he will soon get to know us, putting names to faces is always rather daunting. We rejoice in his ministry and friendship within our church family and I am sure we will learn much from his time with us.

The Praise Gathering Choir have been rehearsing in our sanctuary.  Rehearsals are going well and this is the first time the three of us – myself, Linda Philip and Carol Bolland – have been part of the choir. We are thoroughly enjoying it and with a choir of 360 the singing is tremendous. The concert will be in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June and tickets are now on sale either by talking to one of us OR by purchasing direct from the Concert Hall. I would urge you to consider going along as it promises to be an uplifting and enjoyable evening.  Each evening the choir members are encouraged to make a donation, if they can, of their loose change. This money is used to donate tickets to Christian charities who would not otherwise be able to attend.  The beneficiaries, so far, of  30 tickets are Christians against Poverty  and  the Haven in Kilmacolm  who are delighted to have them.

Wishing you God’s blessing over the summer and always,

Sheila Morrow