The death of a loved one is an upsetting and difficult time, even if it was expected. The church is therefore glad to be there to support those who are grieving.

When someone passes away, there is a great deal which needs done in a short space of time. The first thing you need to do is make sure a death is registered, and then contact a Funeral Director. The Funeral Director becomes your main contact for organising a funeral service.

You may decide you wish the funeral service to be taken by a minister. As part of the Church of Scotland, Clincarthill Church is responsible for the parish area of Mount Florida, Battlefield, and part of Kings Park and Langside. This responsibility includes being available to people at the point of need: as such, there is no “fee” paid to a Parish Minister who takes a funeral service.

You may wish to contact Stuart, our Minister, directly; or you may wish the Funeral Director to do this on your behalf. Either way, Stuart will arrange to meet with you and any family to discuss the arrangements for a funeral service. If you wish Stuart to conduct a funeral service, it is important to make sure he is available before making any final arrangements.

After the service, Stuart will keep in touch with you for as long as is necessary, and offer any support you may need.