Christian Marriage

Getting married is often one of the happiest moments in someone’s life. To have found someone whom you love, and who loves you in return, and is willing to make a life-long commitment to you just brings so much joy!

If you would like to get married by our minister, he would be delighted to hear from you: you can find his details hereBefore you finalise any dates for your service, you will need to make sure that our minister is available.

After you have made contact with Stuart, he will arrange a suitable time and place to meet you to begin discussing plans for your wedding and marriage. As a Christian Minister, the wedding service Stuart conducts will be that of Christian Marriage. This means that whole service is conducted in the belief that God is present, and that the promises made by a bride and groom are made before God.

Marriage isn’t just about the wedding day: there are the days, weeks, months and years which follow! As such, it is part of Stuart’s duty to work with couples, and take them through marriage preparation in the weeks leading up to their marriage.