Lenten Reflections

We are now in the period of ‘Lent’, which is what we call the 40 days leading up to Easter.

As we prepare to journey with Christ through this period of lent, the Church’s Worship and Christian Growth team are providing weekly scripture reflections to help you meditate upon the life, death and resurrection of Christ. These are being posted online for six weeks, starting on Sunday 11th February. We’d encourage you to join with us in this journey and hopefully gain a new experience and understanding of Lent and Easter this year.

Week 1 Lenten Reflection is here

Week 2 Lenten Reflection is here – we look at some of the implications following Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

Week 3 Lenten Reflection is here – we think about the actions of Mary wiping Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume.

Week 4 Lenten Reflection is here – we see the reaction of a man who experiences Jesus’ healing power.

Week 5 Lenten Reflection is here – we read that absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love.

Week 6 Lenten Reflection is here – this week’s reading allows us to focus on that final journey Jesus made with his disciples to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem.

Week 7 Lenten Reflection is here – we now join Jesus during his approach to Jerusalem on what we know as Palm Sunday – what will the next week hold for Jesus?