Message from our Locum – Nov 2014

Dear Friends

I can’t believe we’re into November, doesn’t seem that long since we were picking up the threads of our new session!

So much has happened with the various services we’ve had, more recently was the privilege of being invited to be a part of Mount Florida Primary School’s Harvest Service held in the church.  The work the teachers and staff had put into the presentations, music both played and sung was immense and the children were just magnificent.

Mrs Carol Neill, the headteacher, had sent out an invitation to the children to join the school choir and, at the time of the Harvest Service, she had 73 volunteers!  They will be singing at various venues including the City Chambers and the Three Bridges Care Home.  Mrs Neill has asked to come into the church for their Christmas Service on Friday 19 December so if you are not too busy I would thoroughly recommend coming along to hear them and see how dedicated the staff are at producing such a wonderful time.

It’s at times like these that we are all reminded of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep things running, those unsung heroes who give of their time and talents so the heating is on, the intimation sheet is produced, the sound system is alive and well, our music is prepared to enhance our worship, the church buildings are kept clean.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works away quietly for all they do to keep ‘the lights on’ as it were – your service to Clincarthill is invaluable.

As we prepare to commemorate Remembrance this year we have been reminded of the sacrifice of so many who gave their lives in the First World War a century ago, but they weren’t the only ones who served their country.  There were many people, particularly women who took on the roles men held as they went to war, so let us remember all who gave to keep our country running and the men at the front connected to home.

And let us not forget that all service is honoured by our God, that through Jesus Christ we have the example of sacrificial service and love, and may our example bring justice and peace wherever we are.


Joan Kilpatrick