Letter from our Session Clerk – Dec 2014

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

Our Bible study on the Beatitudes was inspiring and thought provoking. As promised I have included for the magazine the poem written by Anne Stoddart  about the Beatitudes and Linda wrote a song which we sang during the weeks we were doing the study. You can read the words and hopefully we can include it in one of our morning services sometime.

This is the time of Advent – when we, as Christians, look forward to celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus, God’s precious gift to us here on earth. It is a time when we give presents to one another and a time to reflect on those who will not be as fortunate as us. There are those who have little money for presents and those with little to spend on food or have a roof over their head. What  must it be like to see the shops crammed with food and presents and know you cannot buy what is on offer?

We have an opportunity to give to others – The Gifts of toys, brought to the Gift Service on December 14th, will go once again to the Preshal Trust in Govan where there is poverty, and the toys will find a good home. Hats, gloves, scarves, socks, toiletries and sweets will go to the Glasgow City Mission and given to the homeless and those alone at Christmas who will come to their centres. Offerings gathered at the Christmas Candlelight and Watchnight services on December 24th  will be given to the Lodging House Mission and the Glasgow City Mission and will be used to provide warm meals for those who need it. Once again the Befriending service will distribute sweets, selection boxes, to the elderly who receive their service and other elderly people in the community – some of whom will be alone at Christmas.  Remember them all in your prayers. There is also the opportunity to give an Alternative gift through Christian Aid.

We have a lot going on –Communion will be celebrated on December 7th, the Puppet show on December 17th, Carol singing in Mount Florida on December 20th , the Remembering service on December 21st. at 3pm as well as our other Christmas services and events. Details are in this magazine and keep reading the weekly intimations in the Order of Service each week to keep up-to-date.

Wishing every one of you Peace and Joy this Christmas and in the Year ahead.

Sheila Morrow