Letter from our Session Clerk – Feb 2015

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

Where does the time go!!  January has just flown in and I cannot believe it is February.  There is such a buzz about the church and it is great to see everyone working together in the Praise and Service of our Lord.

The Kirk Session met with the Vacancy Committee from Presbytery early in the month and the 13 people representing the church on the Nominating Committee were  chosen at the meeting of the congregation on January 25th.  They met for the first time on 30th January and will be working from now on in advertising and interviewing possible candidates for ministry here in Clincarthill.

This will be a frustrating time for the congregation, because the work of the Nominating committee is confidential and they are not permitted to discuss anything with anyone outside the committee. That means there will be no news or updates on progress until a sole nominee is selected. So please be patient with the team.

Meanwhile, there is plenty going on here. The Lent Sudy begins this month and we have our Easter celebrations to look forward to. I have had a request from Mary’s Meals for the church to help with one of their projects called  ‘ From Rags to Riches’ .  They are asking for unwanted clothing, towels, curtains, bedding, blankets and other unwanted textiles which will be recycled in order to generate money for the feeding projects undertaken by Mary’s Meals. I felt it was something we could do during February. I will put a box outside the chapel for the congregation to place their items and hopefully there will be a good response. There are copies of the Mary’s Meals magazine on the shelves on the way out to the halls. Please take a copy and find out more.

God Bless,

Sheila Morrow