Letter from our Session Clerk – June 2016

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

This is the final edition of the Informer for the summer and many of  you will be setting off on holiday,  I wish you a happy and restful time, that God will continue to Bless you and bring you back refreshed and ready for our witness here in Clincarthill.

There will be activities on Sunday mornings for the children  during July and August.  Please consider giving some time to help with this so that there may be a continuous presence as people come and go over the summer. See Mary MacCallum for information and let her know when you would be available while the Youth leaders have a break. Mary will also be arranging our annual Holiday Club for the first week in August and details will be announced.

I go on holiday much earlier this year, I will be away from the 5th until the 18th of June.  However, the Associate clerk Doreen Walker,  will be around to deal with any matters arising.

Our new locum, Rev. Iain MacLeod, is continuing to settle in with us and I am sure he will soon get to know us, putting names to faces is always rather daunting. We rejoice in his ministry and friendship within our church family and I am sure we will learn much from his time with us.

The Praise Gathering Choir have been rehearsing in our sanctuary.  Rehearsals are going well and this is the first time the three of us – myself, Linda Philip and Carol Bolland – have been part of the choir. We are thoroughly enjoying it and with a choir of 360 the singing is tremendous. The concert will be in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June and tickets are now on sale either by talking to one of us OR by purchasing direct from the Concert Hall. I would urge you to consider going along as it promises to be an uplifting and enjoyable evening.  Each evening the choir members are encouraged to make a donation, if they can, of their loose change. This money is used to donate tickets to Christian charities who would not otherwise be able to attend.  The beneficiaries, so far, of  30 tickets are Christians against Poverty  and  the Haven in Kilmacolm  who are delighted to have them.

Wishing you God’s blessing over the summer and always,

Sheila Morrow