Letter from our Session Clerk – Oct 2015

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

What a wonderful spell of weather we are having, an Indian summer, and wonderful to see all the leaves turn to the beautiful shades of gold, orange and brown. Thanks be to God for the seasons!!  We are in the season of Harvest, and our Harvest Thanksgiving service will be held on October 4th as intimations have indicated, when we will take the opportunity to thank God for His Faithfulness and Goodness to us.

The Family Ceilidh was held on September 19th — a happy and enjoyable night. There were families who came in from our community and  all were up dancing – all ages- to the music played by Will and Claire. We went home saying ‘We’ll have to do this again!’

Now we are into October and the Guild begins it’s new session on Monday October 5th, at 7.30pm.  There is an interesting syllabus in place and all are welcome so come along and give it a try. The Whist drive continues on October 10th details will be in the intimation sheet. The Boys’ Brigade dedication service will be held on Sunday, November 1st at 11am. There are a large number of boys in the 83rd – 40 in the Company section alone. Please support and pray for the officers in the battalion who organise the activities.

At the beginning of the summer,  the leaders of Kids’ Church felt that it was time to step down after many years to devote service in other areas.  As a congregation we are extremely grateful for the devotion each one has given to the ministry with children which has been, on average, over 25 years each and we wish Doreen, Marion, Irene, Anna and Gloria, God’s blessing in all they do.

This means changes in Kids’ Church and some of the leaders who work in the Holiday club will be taking over. It is planned to organise a Rota so that the leaders will be able to attend morning worship on a Sunday with 3-4weeks with the children. We have ladies who can lead from the front but we would like some more, men and women, to help with and supervise the activities.  Maybe you feel you have always wished to work with the children – this is your chance!  We would like to hear from you, this is such an important ministry, and if you wish to find out more please speak to Mary MacCallum ( Youth Convener) or myself.

From myself a big THANK YOU to all for your continued prayers, support and work in Clincarthill at this time of vacancy.

God Bless, Sheila