Letter from our Session Clerk – Oct 2014

Dear Friends in Clincarthill,

During this time of vacancy, it is my intention to write a short note each month to keep you up-to-date with our progress and events in our church. Each of us deeply feels the loss of Mike as our minister but we will go forward in faith for we are a great group of people with the heart to be God’s people in this community.

By October we will have met our Interim Moderator, Rev. John MacGregor from Hillington Park Church, who will bring our vacancy to Presbytery and gain approval that we call a minister. Harvest Thanksgiving takes place on October 5th when our gifts of foodstuffs will go to the Lodging House Mission and a local foodbank. Shoeboxes can also be filled for Blytheswood Care. The Guild begins it’s new session on Monday 6th October and our next Prayer Breakfast will be on Saturday, October 11th at 8.30am.

Sunday @ 7 takes the form of a Bible study over five weeks beginning on October 12th.

There is another Ladies Pamper Night on October 29th open to all ladies in the church and community.

Life in Clincarthill goes on and with God’s grace we will pull together.

Yours in Christ

Sheila Morrow
Session Clerk