Message from our Locum – Joan Kilpatrick – April 2016

Dear Friends,

It is that time of our church year when we have just celebrated Easter and have, once again, heard the story of what He did on the Cross for each one of us.

How much of this story do we take to ourselves?  Do we have doubts about this extraordinary event?

The story of Thomas and his doubts, his need for hard evidence still holds true for ourselves, he would eventually come face to face with Jesus and His wounds.  Jesus knew Thomas’ weakness was disbelief, maybe even unbelief.  Jesus had said he was going away and that He would come back three days later – what kind of story was that?  Thomas saw his Master crucified, he watched Him die and knew He had been laid to rest in a borrowed, sealed tomb.  How could He possibly have risen from the dead?

Thomas was at least honest when he said he wouldn’t believe the Lord had risen until he saw the wounds and put his fingers in them – how honest are you and I about our doubts?  Are we afraid to acknowledge them in case is makes us weak?  It is human nature to have doubts, it takes time and courage to let go and let God take control, it’s why He appeared to Thomas in that locked room, it’s why He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us so we can be ourselves before Him with honesty, with all that keeps us from drawing close and letting Him have His way.

Every day Jesus walks beside us planting little seeds of His presence and of hope.  He shows each one of us His wounds and says put your fingers in them, see what I have done for you.  Every day Jesus talks to us just as He did with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, after that encounter and the breaking of bread their hearts burned, their eyes were opened to the presence of the Lord.

As we move on from Easter I hope and pray all of us will be more and more aware of Jesus walking beside us into the unwritten future for both ourselves and Clincarthill, whatever doubts we have we can take before Him and He will show us He is more than able to take them from us and set us free from those burdens.

Love and Blessings