Message from our Locum – Joan Kilpatrick – Feb 2015

Dear Friends

As I sit typing this letter the snow has been falling and it still feels like winter, hopefully it won’t be too long until Spring arrives and thoughts will turn to new life.  Our plant pots have been producing the signs of daffodil bulbs peeping above the soil and brings an expectancy of colour and brightness once again.  Through all this we too begin to lift our heads and look forward to new growth bringing life and energy back into all we do, the days grow longer and we venture out into the light.

Our church is now beginning to lift its head towards the future as the Nominating Committee comes together and our Parish Profile takes shape.  This will hopefully be a time of excitement and anticipation of who God is calling to be our new minister, and as much is He knows who it is, we need to work with Him to make it happen, it is His will and desire that we work with Him.  We need to keep our folks in prayer as they listen to the Father’s voice leading them to the right person.

It reminds us of how the Magi listened in their dreams not to go back to Herod after visiting Jesus in Bethlehem, they were willing to listen and respond to His voice to serve God’s purpose and bring His plan to fruition.

Those bulbs I mentioned earlier take a risk when they poke their heads above the soil as the frost could kill them, they could be blown down in the strong winds but still they try their best to make it through and usually they do.  We might find it takes a bit of time to get where we’re going but we will get there because we have the greatest Guide out in front of us with the best plan ever to be formed.

This month we begin to look forward to Easter, a time when we rejoice in Jesus’ resurrection and promise of everlasting life for all of us who believe in Him.  During the time of Lent we will be running another Bible Study based on Words from Calvary and we hope it will be inspiring as well as learning about what Jesus said at that dramatic time in His life.

I hope and pray you will feel you can join us as we work through this Study, it’s a time when we can come together and talk of these events with one another, share insights in what we see and hear as we talk together and in the presence of God through His Holy Spirit.

God Bless you as we grow and move forward into, what I consider to be, an exciting time with the Lord.