Message from our Locum – Joan Kilpatrick – Dec 2014

Dear Friends

Advent has arrived!  Christmas trees are already appearing in windows and thoughts are turning to who’s coming and what there will be to eat and how everyone will be entertained over the festive period – so many things to think about and prepare for!  How will we ever manage it all?

But how do we as Christians prepare for the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ?

Once again our thoughts turn to Sunday School parties, Christmas Lunch, preparation for the various Services – how will we manage it all on top of the preparations for Christmas at home?

Maybe we should try slowing down so we can think about what’s really important at this time of year.

It’s not easy but our hearts and spirits need to be reminded of the One who came among us as a baby, a baby born into poverty but also into love.  Jesus’ parents loved Him with every ounce of their being but they also knew He had come with a purpose which was to serve us all and die on a Cross so we might know what true forgiveness is, so we might really believe the promises made for our future.

Last week we came to the end of the E100 series through the readings from the Book of Revelation and the final picture we are left with is the New Jerusalem, a place waiting for God’s final Word through which all that is now will be changed forever into a new heaven and a new earth, where we will worship Him forever, live perfectly and know what the love of our Lord God Almighty truly feels like.

So as we unwrap our gifts this Christmas, share our homes, come to the Services, let us remember that through a baby there is new hope for our future, a gift beyond worth waiting for us in the New Jerusalem and let us enter the New Year with the expectation of great things for our future together in Clincarthill.

Graham and I wish you every blessing in this Advent and Christmas Season and thank you for your support and encouragement over these last few months, and may God encourage us all to hear and see His presence in all that lies ahead.

Blessings and love 

Joan & Graham