More Than Gold Update

More Than Gold – Update

More Than Gold 2014 wants to help you communicate some of the incredible opportunities that there are for your congregation to be involved in the Commonwealth Games this summer.

We have created a special black and white PDF news sheet that you can print and hand out along with your church bulletin or print and put up on your notice board. In addition there is a powerpoint presentation you could download and use to talk about each volunteer opportunity during your meeting. Here is the link to our website where you will find both these resources.,detailtemplate.html

We will continue to post similar resources and news for you to use in the lastest news section on our website. These will increase in frequency as we near the Games and we hope to post daily news during the Games period. We will have a news sheet and short 3 to 5minute youtube news broadcast available by 6pm on Saturday the 26th July, and August 2nd & 9th. We are hoping churches will want to use these on Sunday to encourage people and help them see what they are a part of and all God is doing across the nation as the Games happen.

Thank you for being a part of More Than Gold 2014